Interesting Car Facts

There are many types of car repair customers and we happily serve everyone, whether you are an auto expert yourself or have little idea how a car runs. We put safety first when servicing your car and we will gladly explain any services that your vehicle requires. Years of experience in the industry is part of what has made us the Palm Coast area’s most state of the art auto repair facility.

Did you know…

  • The older a car battery is, the more susceptible it is to extreme temperature changes.
  • National fuel economy rules were recently issued that require the new cars and trucks in 2025 to average nearly double the fuel mileage of 2012 model vehicles.
  • The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association recommends fuel system cleaning service every year or 24,000-39,000 miles.
  • Sam’s Auto has fixed over 15,000 vehicles in the Flagler County area alone.
  • Cooling system failure is the leading cause of mechanical breakdown.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance (dirty air filter, lack of oil changes, etc.) is a major contributor to catalytic converter inefficiency.
  • Many vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your brake fluid about every two years or 30,000 miles.
  • According to the Car Care Council, over 80 percent of cars need service, with 38 percent of vehicles having low or dirty engine oil.
  • Sam’s Auto is the only facility in the area that has invested in the proper equipment to interface with computers in every make and model of car.
  • There are ways to make your car more fuel efficient and we can advise you on ways to increase your MPGs.
  • Excessive tread wear on tires can lead to a hydroplaning automobile in rainy conditions.
  • A/C recharge is not a normal maintenance item – if your air conditioner needs recharging it is because the refrigerant chemical is leaking out of the system.