Why Choose Us

Since the 1980’s, car manufacturers have relied on computer technology installed in the cars to help them run. Today’s modern automobile can have up to 50 different microprocessors all networked together controlling different aspects of your car.

We are the only facility in the Palm Coast area that has invested in the proper equipment to interface with computers in every make and model of car. In other words, we have the same access as a car dealer to connect to your car’s computers, run diagnostic tests, and make adjustments or upgrade the firmware to the newest versions provided by the car manufacturer.

Sam’s Auto purchases subscriptions from all of the major car manufacturers to be able to access their most current support and service information. Although this can be expensive, it is worth it to us to make sure that our customers and their families are as safe as possible in their vehicles.

The main computers are the ECU (Engine Control Units) and TCM (Transmission Control Module), although some car manufacturers will use a PCM (Power Control Module), which does both. Sam’s Auto has invested in comprehensive training for its staff so you can be assured you are getting the best possible auto repair service.